Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Just returned from Los Angeles, California from the SUCB concert tour.

Saw George Hamilton in The North Face in Beverly Hills.
Stood in the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica at sunset.
Saw Mel Blanc's headstone.
Took 500 pictures of the HOLLYWOOD sign.

Visited Grauman's. Visited the Kodak. Had my picture taken with a
Was on The Price Is Right. Tune in to CBS on 29 April to see me in
the audience.

Went to the Beverly Center and felt entirely too poor to be walking
past a Louis Vitton store.

Adjusted --- finally --- to Pacific Time, just in time to return to EDT.
Watched Fox News every morning at 7:30 during breakfast.
Drank outside with a brown paper bag over the bottle.
Bought new shoes.

Saw more Porsche Carrera's than I thought was possible. It is
definitely not the Porsche to buy. Go with the 911 with retracting

Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain and rode two rollercoasters. Woo.

And now I'm pulling an all nighter to finish all the work I told
myself I'd do over the break.

American West airlines at LAX has to have THE most ridiculous bag
check I've ever crossed. This was amplified by not only our large
group of people checking bags at once, but also the general
incompetence of the airline's staff.

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