Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Everything Looks Perfect...

Tonight reminds me of such great heights.
It's warm, you can't (really) smeel the cow poo. It's spring.

It reminds me of band camp, of summer, of buying clothing. Of Ehrhardt's, of all my friends there. It reminds me why I love this season so much. It's warm, green is a color again, I'm actually happy although work freaking sucked.

Tonight reminds me why i have shorts and Birkenstocks.

The quizz I have in Spanish tomorrow is far away, so is the exam. in Bio, and the paper in I.L.S. (both due Thursday).
Right now, though, all that matters is that i can walk around outside, when its dark, in shorts and sandals. Although I won't, because most of my shorts are packed for California already.

My washing machine broke. With my clothing still in it. It mostly washed it, I mean the only thing it wouldn't do was "spin," so I had to truck dripping (literally DRIPPING) clothing to the laundromat on Washington Street. Screw you, washing machine.

Like i said, work sucked.

I'll be the fire-escape that's
bolted to the ancient brick
where you will sit
and contemplate your day.

That's summer.

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