Friday, March 11, 2005


you know, as i sit here and look out my window, it isn't hard to imagine i'm at the top of the world.
no, NOT looking down on creation. cher, i will kill you.

you can see a four-wheeler out on the ice, where the lake was there is an immense field of white
it's twilight, and the smoke from our woodstove's chimney is stretching itself lazily across the horizon created by the window frame.
and out in the distance you can just make out the soft irridescence of the orange sulphur dioxide lights that plague the beaches around lake wallenpaupack, cut back because no one lives here in the winter.

it wasn't a cold day, per say.
there have been cold days, at shippensburg.
those days where you exhale and your breath pours from your mouth, sauntering slowly around your head before ascending and expanding, until the dense acute opaque orb has diminished to nothing but obtuse thoughts and soggy memories, of frostbite and swelled fingers
from the cold.

but today wasn't like that
not that stepped outside for more than five minutes, but still.
it did snow, somewhat.
no where near what they promised, however.
perhaps overnight.

i wonder if it will ever be snowy in shippensburg.
probably not this year. maybe not even next year, with the patterns of the weather thusfar.
i cant still hope though.
it's odd, it should be getting minutely warmer now, yet all it does is snow.
it's spring break, and it was advented with two days of cancelled evening classes and a two-hour delay.

mmm, pizza.

as it grows darker those faint orange lights strengthen, and lengthen
and suddenly there are orange streaks to replace the receding light, combatitive to the darkening twilight alone.
the high contrast of white frozen lake, dark blue surrounding hills, and light purpl-ish cloud cover makes for an interesting backlay

and the trees have drawn themselves over it, creating black scorch-lines, branching off as if a web
and obscuring the view, but adding to it all the same.


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