Thursday, March 10, 2005

P.s. F.O.

so the newest rumour flying around is that the wallenpaupack area school district is changing it's colours and mascot.
this is straight from my little brother's mouth.
lee tells us that they will be changing colours from purple and white to black and yellow, and mascots from the buckhorn to the raven.

i don't know if i believe him, or believe whoever told him about it.
but i am very disappointed in wasd.

who else could say that they were the buckhorns?
who else had purple and white as their school colours?
black has to be one of the over-used school colours in existence, and i can't imagine yellow is any better.

why are they doing this?
perhaps it is along the lines of warner brothers' recent decision to defile their looney tunes with piles and piles of excrement.

either way, i can't fully express my disappointment in the school board, or whoever's decision this was, i'll probably be a dork and start a petition (if this turns out to be true).

ravens. psh. fuck you, wallenpaupack area

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