Thursday, March 17, 2005

'I'm Saint Ignatious!'

--listen to me bitch.

so YET ANOTHER THING that bothers me -- and you'll find all of these have to do with people using arbitrary and archaic systems, and applying them to work.

today's topic: AP Style. as a journalist (or rather, journalism student), i have become quite acquainted with AP style over the past semester and a half. there's something to be said for tradition, and mass opinion.

but there's something entirely different to be said about objectivism. in the AP styleguide, right after the entry for Numerals (i use this one a lot, you see), there is an entry entitled


this entry states that a journalist using AP style should stick to spelling the city (which is in Germany, by the way) Nuremburg, to "keep with widespread practice."

wanna know the city's actual name? Nuernburg. i think, i don't know, if i had the AP styleguide with me, i could tell you. i'll probably update this later and put in for sure how it's spelled.

to keep with widespread practice, call the city by a different name.

this isn't my only issue with AP style, only to most blatantly subjective one.

(some of the others include U.S. as an accepted acronym for the United States of America, as Brazil also happens to be the United States of Brazil. Acronyms are a major flaw of the AP style, in my opinion, and really need to be re-vamped.

(how do you vamp something in the first place?))

this is the same problem with mumbai, sri lanka, beijing, and a bunch of other cities in china.
for you see, when the british deemed the world their sandbox, they just sort of named things phonetically. mumbai was bombay, sri lanka, well, that was ceylon, beijing was peking, and i know there are others, i just can't think of any right now. go look at a map of china, half the cities have parenthesis with the "britainese" name under the actual name.

i really just think that if you attempt to be objective, be freaking objective. don't go half-way with it.

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