Monday, March 07, 2005

Don't Read This, It isn't Good in Any Way

so i think i've really started to get into photography.
it's always been a hidden passion of mine, but for the longest time the only camera i had was a minolta. or something. then i found my grandpa gene's olympus 35rc.
then it died.

when i got my digital camera, i started to get into it. but ever since i bought the n65 i've been really into it.

i just spent the last two days searching ebay for lenses and filters and camera bags.
too bad i'm poor.
no, i mean dirt poor.
hey, isn't that what college is about?

i found a USD469.00 lens that i ne(want)ed for USD99.00.
that's insane.
it's too bad i'm poor, you can't pass up a deal like that.
maybe i can talk my mom into buying it for me.
probably not.

ever notice when you're driving around lake wallenpaupack in the winter, ice sculptures pop up everywhere?
that would be thanks to mark crouthamel.
there's an ice throne at tanglwood, a couple of ice bear things beside it,
and something at the country store.

yes, that's right, there's a country store up here.

i slept in past ten a.m. today.
i haven't done that in at least a year.
O.K., maybe nine months.

i think that if i had the opportunity and photographic equipment in middle school, i probably would have pursued a career in it.
but right now, it's too late to change my mind.
i'm sort of stuck with journalism and english.
not that i don't like them, i do, trust me.

but photojournalism, or being like a magazine photographer,
shit that'd kick ass.
you wouldn't have to worry about ap style or passive and agressive voice
you'd just have to take pictures of shit.

c'est la vie.

but i really think i'd be good as a photographer.
i just need to learn how to set aperture and shutter speeds.

told you this wasn't good.
in anyway.

i find the more i go to church the less i like the people who always sit right behind me.
it's an old man and a woman.
they gossip
during the service.
i hate them.

i find one of the better insults to use is "you know, you're the reason abortion should be legal"
but i would probably burst into flames or something if i had said it.

which brings me to a HUGE issue.
so O.K. there's this girl in the service, and apart from wearing jeans and a hoodie to church in the first place, the hoodie had on it something prolife-y.
something like

"14 bazillion babies die EACH SECOND
abortion must stop
rock for life"

bullshit. i love it how the U.S. is taking an international pro-life stance, especially in the case of china.
yes, the chinese have a problem with identifying the foetus' gender and aborting it if it's a female.
but that's only because their society holds males in a higher stance than females, it's a tradition and part of their culture.
also, it's because there's just so damn many chinese having sex and making babies, that a "one child per family" rule is smiled upon, though not mandated.
big deal.

i also love it how now conservatives are trying to overturn roe v. wade.
almost half a century after that monumental stepping stone for women's rights, and they're already trying to overturn it.
now i'm not going to make any asanine metaphors and parallels like "what's next, only men can vote"
i'm just saying, there is one MASSIVE difference between the two "opposite" stances of pro-life and pro-choice.

and it's that six-letter word right there (^). C H O I C E .
no one understands that. it isn't pro-abortion. it's called pro-CHOICE.
i strongly believe in ultimate freedom, i'm very liberal, and dammit, i think that if someone wants to abort their baby, then let them freaking abort it.
do you have a problem with it, pro-life people? i don't see any of you lining up at adoption clinics, or standing outside delivery-wards with adoption papers, ready to sign over any baby a mother doesn't want.

it annoys me IMMENSELY that we can be so blind.
i cannot express through the vast perfection that is the english language my distaste for intolerance. of any kind.
why is there even a marriage issue? it is NOT YOUR RIGHT to tell people who they can marry, nor is it your RIGHT to tell them what they should think, wear, eat, or say.
how is any of that different than the issues of today??

honestly, i want to know where this notion that everyone has to do what YOU THINK IS RIGHT came into play.
who gave you the right to tell anyone they can't marry who they please?
who gave you the right to tell someone walking down the street that they're going to hell for having an abortion?
bull shit.
you aren't special, i'm sorry to disillusion you, but you aren't.
you aren't on a mission from god, and you certainly do not speak for anyone but yourself.
why can't we all just let everyone BE.

but i generally don't comment on things like this, partly because it gets me so angry to type it out, but partly because i don't have the right to tell anyone they're doing something wrong, they have to learn that for themselves. also, i am very condescending but don't mean to be. lauren petrillo has banned me from speaking with her on any political issues.

so please, don't read this. it isn't good. not in anyway, it is the first qualified "RANT," and will probably be the last.
i hate doing this, and i hate disagreeing.

so hope your eyes aren't too blurry, and hope you don't see this, because that means you re-read it.

i see my red door and i want it painted black

but in anycase, don't listen to me, i don't know what i'm talking about.
i just want us all to get along.

except ann coulter, i don't like her.

free tibet.

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