Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Chipmunk Doctor

so hey do you want to hear the story of chipmunk drive?

apparently, some woman who lived here felt like putting a sign up at the end of the road, and she (for no good reason) wanted to name the road "chipmunk drive"

also, apparently, the people who named the road eventually were lazy, and didn't want to have to change the name.

damn you, woman.

i tell people i live on simon's point.
you're dead to me, chipmunk drive. DEAD.

i hate my address.
it's highway contract one. for those of you who don't know, it's like Rural Route #.
so when i order things online, they call me and say "we can't ship to PO boxes."
oh, i'm sorry, it isn't a PO box. i live in the sticks.
"so, UPS and FedEx go there?"
"what did i just say?"

i wish everything were more analytical. my address should be something like
77 simon's point s507
we're lot no. 77 on simon's point, on the south-side of 507 (the road you drive on that chipmunk drive connects onto is south-bound)

but no one listens to me.

in fact, if you mailed a letter to that address, it'll probably get here.
you know, there are only eight of us living in tafton, and we're all on a first-name basis.

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