Sunday, March 06, 2005

And What's with Those Airline Peanuts?

so i was walking down to CVS in ship two days ago, to buy film.
(i had just received my nikon in the mail).
as i passed advanced auto parts, i spotted a jeep grand cherokee in the parking lot. it was parked with the hatch facing me, and on the rear windshield was a sticker reading
"hondas are like tampons
every pussy needs one"

bravo, you've come up with a clever analogy.
there's only one problem: you put it on your jeep grand cherokee.
it isn't like you're saying "my car is badass" because you're driving a jeep cherokee
and this is before they redesigned the jeep body, into what matt hughes drives now.

as i was walking back, i passed another car, this one in the parking lot of the first church of christ annex on the corner of prince and king.

the car had a front license plate that read

it was carriage-returned just like that.

the only problem was, it was a chevrolet corsica.
and it had a flat tire.

today, i was driving my mom's passat and ran over a pot hole in the wyoming valley mall.
a flat tire insued.
but it's O.K., i fixed it. luckily volkswagon, in all their brilliance and wisdom, includes full sized spares in all their cars. bravo. unluckily, they expect you to drive the vw around a barrio, and have included a theft-deterrent in the form of a specially-shaped lug nut that the tire-iron doesn't fit.

it took me five whole minutes to find the included "adapter"

also, one of our cats died.
s'ok, we have two more.

finally, if you want to see the definition of "icicle" visit me, on the house next to us they go from the edge of the roof to the ground.

wish i didn't break my digital camera, i could take a picture and show you.

oh well.

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