Thursday, February 24, 2005

Atlanta, Ga.

i'm supposed to be answering questions from my biology text.
i thought science was behind me.

i don't want to jynx it, but it's hella snowing outside right now.
everytime it snows, and then melts, or snows for like ten minutes and then the sun is out and you can't tell it even snowed, everytime that happens i get really angry.
i really just wanted winter.

i think this is one of the reasons i could never live in the south.
i crave keeps me sane, in a way.

i'm sick, but i still bike.
i'm also fat, i've gained too much weight this year. so i bike.
last night it was the ol' run to giant.suprisingly it didn't affect my sickness.

like it's a disease, 'sickness.'
it's a weird sick, my nose is stuffy, and my voice sounds all weird, but other than that i'm completely O.K., my head is clear, my throat doesn't hurt.this is probably what happens right before some weird tunisian virus kills you from the inside out.

i didn't have college writing today, and biology just seems so useless.
i wake up at seven a.m., take a shower and fall asleep in class for an hour and fifteen minutes.
i can't stand nollenberger's jokes anymore, i think i'm going to scream next time.

there's this scientific american article sitting on the computer lab table next to me. it's one of the things i'm working on for bio. it's a page of an eye. the whole eight-and-a-half-inches-by-eleven-inches is an eye.i wonder why the photographer left the light in it. you can see the light in the iris, reflecting.

i hate arabic numerals. they're very cold, and pointed. except for three, six, eight, and nine.
why is that?

there's so little for me to stress about, but i'm still stressed. there is virtually nothing to worry about, yet i can't stop thinking i should be worried for some reason.

the snow isn't stopping, but nor is it sticking to things like sidewalks and roads.
why is that?
it wasn't that warm yesterday, and this isn't exactly atlanta, ga.

this is kind of freaky... maybe it's all the star wars as a kid, but the word "dark" carries an ominous forbodence with it.

the snow is coming down, and it's time to get back to biology

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